Pre Year 1 Math Series


  • Cut the strips & fold the middle of the book.
  • Open the book from centre.
  • Move your hand like the butterfly is flying.
  • Show the children and introduce butterfly as a friend.
  • In butterfly sound tell children about book activities.


  • Invite children to join butterfly club.
  • Tell them where we write the name & class.




  • Use board to show the icon of trace and let children do on the work sheet with icon.
  • Count the real object.
  • Do the activity to show the match and worksheet with icon.


  • Read the preface page in an interesting way and in story telling method.
  • Sandwich method followed.
  • Voice and face is with expression.


  • Ask about the icons.
  • Guide children about the writing of date.
  • Intro of characters through TPL.
  • Color the picture.

PAGE # 2:


  1. Introduce any math concept through practical activity. Don’t do it directly in the book. First you have to do it directly by real material.
  2. Use white board.
  3. Then go to the book .Book is closed.


First take basket and common things in this basket, say ok children I have this basket and I have some things in this basket.

Ok tell me what are these?

Look what I have?

Yes good this is crayon

One crayon (5 times)

Ok what is this?

This is bottle cap

One bottle cap (5 times)

What is this?

This is eraser

One eraser (5 times)

What is this?

Ok good this is basket

One basket (5 times)


Now I introduce 1 to you

This is 1 (showing flash card)

Yes good

After this perform a small activity by tracing 1 in air, sand table, and hand. Do these activities with the help of number rhyme.


Number Rhyme:

Look for the starting point

Come down the line

Touch your spine


Introduction of number 1 & its value:

Now take flash cards of 1 and introduce poem with practice of 1.

Now we go to the book, children please open this page , page # 2

Now what do you see on the top yes no 1, and now tell me

What is this?

This is log

One log

One log

What we have to do in this page?

Trace and color

We trace 1 and then color in log and grass.

Teacher write date on the page and children do trace and color. Teacher move around to monitor the children.

All numbers are introducing in the same way.


Next day you will review the 1 by showing different objects and said good

This is one sharpener

This is one pencil

This is one book    and so on …..


PAGE # 3:

Ok children look how many icons on this page and yes good there are 3 icons. Read, trace and color .It means we have to do 3 things in this page.

First read:

Look children what is this?

Yes good this is log.

One log.

What is this?

This is no.1 (5 times)

Ok children now what we have to do, yes Trace:

Trace in number 1with number rhyme, put your crayon on the starting point and sing the number rhyme:


Look for the starting point

Come down the line

Touch your spine

Do these activities with each number in last say ok children now the last thing is color the log, good

In this way we do all practice pages of numbers



PAGE # 4:


Introduction of shape:

We introduce the solid shape first and then we come to the flat shape .Actually we introduce solid shape first because in nature solid shape exist more commonly then the flat shape. In this way children are able to relate mathematics to their environment, that’s why we introduce solid shape first.

Introduction of sphere:



First we introduce sphere (no book in hand)

We take a ball in our hand and said: children look what I have?

Yes this is a ball (5 times)

Look children this ball has no edges, moves around the ball in your hand and said: this is ball and it has no edges.

It is a sphere (3times)

This ball is sphere (3times)

Take another ball and do the same


Picture comprehension:

After introduction of sphere do picture comprehension.

This is a ball.

Who is this?

What is this?

Yes good Ahmed, kitten yes good balloons, apples, balls good.


Now read story of sphere then poem.

Ok children look at page # 4 read after me sphere, sphere, and sphere.

Yes this is a ball; this ball is sphere and so on …..

After this come come to the practice of sphere. First we review the sphere with different real material for example ball, balloons etc.


PAGE # 5:

Identification of shape: 

Look children what is this?

Yes good this is sphere.

Ok now tell me what is this?

Yes this is yarn and it has no edges.

This is sphere, so we match sphere to the yarn.

Do the same with all these objects then color the pictures?


PAGE # 10:

Introduction of SET:

Activity for set:

Give concept of set to children and for this purpose take a set, let’s say tea set in a tray and said; ok children what we have in this tray?

Ok good this is a tea pot. (3 times)

This is a milk pot. (3 times)

This is a sugar pot. (3 times)

This is a cup. (3times)

This is a saucer. (3 times)

So this is a tea set. This is called tea set. It has a milk pot, tea pot, sugar pot, cup and saucer all these together called a tea set. Ok children do you have more sets in your home, yes good your mother has a jewelry set and what else? Yes you have a sofa set in your drawing room and you have water set, In this way you introduce set to children and then come to the picture of set.


Picture comprehension:

Look children what do you seen in this picture? Yes good Ahmed. Ahmed is standing behind the sofa and who is this? Yes good this is bear and this is kangaroo. Kangaroo and bear pushing the big sofa and what else? A monkey and a hen. Hen is sitting in a table and who is this yes this is a zebra, zebra is pushing the small sofa.

After introducing the picture now read the story of a sofa set to the children. Ok children now come to page # 10. Children we have to do 2 things in this page read and color .Now what we have to read, yes good sofa set and we do coloring in this page.


PAGE # 11:


Introduction of circle:

Now there is a introduction of flat shape. Flat shapes are 2D shape. There is a shape of circle.



Take any cylinder shape in your hand and said look children what shape is it? Yes this is a cylinder. Anything which has length and round from here it is that is cylinder and now we are going to make a new shape from cylinder.

Ok children we keep this cylinder on this board and with the help of this marker we draw a new shape .Wow look at this. This is a new shape Circle yes this is circle.


Picture comprehension :

Look children in this picture this is a zebra and what he is doing? Yes he has a cylinder and he use cylinder to make a circle, yes circle .there is Ahmed, kitten and owl, all of them draw circle and what is written over here? Yes Circle.

In this way you discus this page and then come to the Story of Circle. After story tell children to do coloring.


PAGE # 19

Concept of big and small:


Take two balls and say look children what is this? Yes this is a ball yes a ball, and what is this? Yes this is a ball too.

This ball is big

This ball is small.

Big, big, big.

Small, small, small.

You can do this activity with different material. You can draw three different things on board with different sizes.

A big balloon and a small balloon

A big box and a small box.

A big book and a small book, etc.


Ok now open page #19 look children this is a big box and zebra is standing in front of the box .This box is big .

Look, this box is small and zebra is holding the box in his hand .this box is small.

Big     small

Big     small

Big     small

Now children do coloring.

PAGE # 56:

Concept of zero:

 Now we give the concept of zero.

Zero means nothing

This is the most difficult concept for the child that’s why we do more practical practice with this concept.


Ok look children what we have in this jar? Look in this jar we have sharpeners. Ok count 1, 2, 3, 4.There are 4 sharpeners in this jar. I take away one now count how many sharpeners 1, 2,3. Now I take away one more lets count 1, 2. There are 2 sharpeners in this jar. Now I take away one more. Oh yes now it has only 1 sharpener. Now I take away one more, oh there is nothing inside the jar. Nothing, no, none.  The jar has zero sharpeners. The jar has nothing.

Zero means nothing

Teachers should do more and more practice of zero with different things. Always do reverse counting in this concept.

After this do the page as we did with no page previously.


 PAGE # 61:

 Introduction of Time:

In the same way we introduce different times to children. Morning time, afternoon time, evening time, so children can know that day has been divided into different segments and there are different things that has to be done in different times of the day .that is very important to organize your life that you do things according to the time .You have some times for nap some time for TV some time for homework.

Ok there is no practical activity for this that’s why we did lot of discussion with children about the day .Ok children now you tell me what are you doing in day time. Children give different answer to you.

Picture comprehension:

Ok children lets discus this picture. Ok star with zebra, what zebra is doing? Yes good zebra is brushing his teeth and what owl is doing, yes owl is doing his breakfast., and what kitten is doing ,yes he is exercising and Ahmed is praying and butterfly is looking outside the  window because there is a day time ,a beautiful time.

After this read the story of morning time then do coloring.