SCHOOL MONITORING VISIT, Sparkling Future School System, Rawat


SCHOOL MONITORING VISIT, Sparkling Future School System, Rawat

SCHOOL VISIT by EAST, Educational consultants from EAST visit EAST client Schools to check the effective implementation of Butterfly syllabus. Specific teachers training and educational resources are recommended at the end of each visit to improve the quality of education.

We focus in SCHOOL VISIT about the PRE Primary curriculum, and will notice that why EAST Butterfly books is different to others.

Pre Primary Curriculum on SCHOOL VISIT

Apart from the acquisition of academic knowledge, children should also equip themselves with other life skills, such as self-care skills, communicative skills, social skills, etc. to enable them to adapt to society. It is through direct life experiences, sensory perception and interesting activities that children develop good habits, establish confidence in themselves and in other people, comprehend things around them, as well as live up to social expectations. Factual knowledge obtained through stereotype textbook teaching or rote-learning is only superficial. These teaching methods will only curb the creativity and cognitive thinking of children, and do not guarantee that children can remember and make use of the knowledge acquired. Therefore, children should be educated in a natural and pleasant environment, and it is through various activities and life experiences that children attain a balanced development in different aspects which we see in our SCHOOL VISIT

Why is a Syllabus different from a Curriculum?

syllabus is both a document about the course content, goals, and elements and a guide for students to the kind of teaching and learning they can expect in class. This resource can help create a well-structured syllabus that also invites students to take responsibility for their own learning.

While a curriculum is more detailed, refers to the overall content, taught in an educational system or a course. … Syllabus is descriptive in nature, but the curriculum is prescriptive. Syllabus is set for a particular subject.

The session shed light on our training methods. Our training is based on latest research which is why our Trainers conduct various orientation sessions up and down the country.

Staff of Creative School was trained in the following

  • Circle Time

Why it is important and its benefits. This is needed so that children know the routine of the day, Attendance is taken as well.

  • Rhymes & Poems

This is the most popular and fun filled way of teaching concepts. Children love to sing. Rhymes are good ways of helping a child learn.

  • Language Skills

Language is built on four steps


Each has its own importance children are taught Phonics which deals mainly with sound.


From listening comes speaking where children are taught to speak through various activities.


This is where children are introduced to reading stripes via a three period lesson, starting with a short sentence i.e.

A cat…..

A big cat…..

A big black cat …..

This makes a child confident, and they enjoy the new method of reading.


This comes last of all when a child has fully understood letter formation from jingles or poems. Hollow letters with rainbow writing is a great way to achieve free hand writing.

  • Story Telling.

Who doesn’t love stories ??? Remember the time when you yourself were a child enjoying the stories told you by your grandparents. Stories in general give a child.

Monitoring SCHOOL VISIT on Monday, 05 December 2016

Time: 09:30 am

Venue: Sparkling Future School System, Rawat

Consultant: Sadaf Adnan

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