Word Wall: English Vocabulary Display for Your Classroom

Approximately 50% of the English language is made of 207 words. In other words, 50% of the English language that we listen, speak, read and write is made of these 207 words. These frequently used words are the basic vocabulary of English language.

Why these words are important for young children? Knowing these words give a head start to Montessori and Primary school going children. They are able to understand and read more than fifty percent of the English language as soon as they are familiar with these frequently used words. You can increase your child’s language skills if you help them in learning these words.

Butterfly and Friends English series is based on these 207 words. The book three of this series contains ALL of these 207 words. There are listening, speaking, reading and writing activities in book three around these 207 words.

A good idea would be to display these words in the class for continuous review and practice. Here is a classroom display that contains all of these words. You may take a large printout of this display and then paste the sheets together to make a chart paper sheet size display, or you can get a printout on a panaflex sheet.

Put it at a visible place in the classroom or home and go over these words for five to seven minutes every day. You will notice a quick increase in your students English language skills within a week, In Sha Allah.