Theme Boards

Themes are topics of common interest. These are key terms around which common vocabulary is collected. Children come to know more about themselves and their environment through themes. Themes are important for children’s emotional and social development as well.

We have identified eight themes that are important for young learners. These eight themes increase young children’s general knowledge and awareness of the culture they live in. Butterfly and Friends English book three is based on these eight themes.

Here is a classroom display for each one of these eight themes. These displays are child-friendly. Each display shows important vocabulary around a theme. Children will find the same vocabulary in their B&F English workbook three as well.

Put the theme board on display in your classroom as soon as you start a new unit. Keep reviewing the words you find on the theme board. Spend five to seven minutes every day for this purpose. This will improve students’ general knowledge, and language skills. It will also give them more ideas to think and discuss.

Click here to download the theme boards.


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