Islamiat (English)


This is a unique book on Islam. It’s a dialogue between the great Khizar and two children: Huzaifa and Hareem.Khizar tells the two children about the aliens living on planet earth, the three lives of humans, and the bridge that all humans will have to cross on the Day of Judgment.

This book explains the basic tenants of Islam in an easy to understand format. It helps children understand some mysteries of life, like:

  •              Why humans were sent to the planet earth?
  • Where will we go from here?
  • What’s success?
  • How Shaitan fails us?
  • What are the ways to succeed in life?

All these questions are answered in the light of Surah Al Asar. Moreover, it covers some of the issues addressed by Allama Iqbal in his poem Masjide Qartaba.

Content of the Book