Preprimary Academic Checklist

Butterfly and Friends Preprimary syllabus is the only competency based syllabus in Pakistan. What does that mean? It means that the achievement targets for each page of every book of this research based syllabus are clearly defined. All the skills and concepts incorporated in this scheme of study are graded in easy to difficult sequence.

EAST has developed an easy to manage check list around Butterfly and Friends Preprimary Series. The purpose of this checklist is to help coordinators, heads and parents evaluate the learning of children professionally. This check list will help you make sure that children are progressing well at school or home.

You can use this checklist weekly to monitor the progress of your children. It will help you identify weak areas, if any, without any delay. Using this checklist is easy. Take a print out of this checklist and go over each field (skill or concept) one by one. Tick all the fields where progress is satisfactory, review any concept or skill that is not developed up to the mark.

Just keep in mind that pre year one students are not very good at responding verbally. You may have to depend on their teacher’s feedback at this level. Children are more likely to respond at pre year two level, so you may ask children directly.

At pre year three level, children start to make a practical and more creative use of the knowledge they have acquired. There you may ask them to create new variation of what they have learned.