Great Muslim Scientist

Great Muslim Scientist

Great Muslim Scientist “ is a series collection which contains interesting and accurate information on our famous Muslim scientists. The series contains information on their amazing inventions that changed our lives.

These are easy -to- read books with easy language for youngsters containing colorful and appealing pictures to grab children’s attention and to keep them interested till the end. They’re in urdu and hence promote supplementary reading in Urdu.They tell them about the modern world and its technology and then take them back to the early year when these were invented. They supply them with information while fascinating their young minds.

Following are the briefs on two of the book from the series.

“Aasman se Baaten”

The invention of Airplanes is a miracle of science made possible by the investigations put toward by two famous Muslim scientists named “khawrizmi” and “Al Batani”

If you re a fan of airplanes. You sure would be interested to know a little about these people whose inventions made this possible.

This book contains the interesting information on how both famous Muslim scientists, by the use of their brain plus a little research. Introduced two new branches of Mathematics. These branches of Mathematics later helped the next generations throughout the designing, making and flying of airplanes. So to all those Math Lovers out there. This is for you, To get further details and to enhance your mental power. Children, read ahead!

“Maza bhi Sehat bhi”

Though the list of Muslim scientists is very long, here we re going to introduce to very important Muslim scientists named “

“Jabir Bin Hayan” and “Al Razi” they are important to us because with the help of their inventions like Citric acid and Nitric acid, a lot of our food and daily use item are made.

You might not know that the soaps you use to wash hands and cold drinks you drink are the result of their amazing inventions.

In this book you will learn how their small inventions bring variety in foods today and make them healthy plus delicious to eat.

Read further to know what else from your everyday life is among their inventions, and fascinate yourselves!


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