Islamiat (Urdu)


This is a complete Islam syllabus book for grade five, covering all aspects of Islamic believes and practices. It has real stories for children from the Quran. All kids stories are based on

selected chapters of Quran. This syllabus book also includes events from the life of the prophet

Muhammad (SAW). These Seerah stories help children learn the basic and the most essential

qualities of good human beings. This book also introduces children to Quranic vocabulary, so children can learn to understand Quran in Arabic. The Muslim Believes are explained in

simple but attractive style. These believes include: Tawheed, Risalah and Akhirah.

Muslim manners and values are also introduced in this book. Children learn these manners

through interesting activities and discussions. This one book has everything that children need

to understand and practices Islam as a true way of life.

Content of the Book