Summer Vacation Book Class 2


Butterfly Social Studies grade two is the only Social Studies book available in Pakistan that develops life and civic skills through carefully developed contents and end of chapter activities.

This book includes ten key life skills from the most recognised 4H model of life skills. Each life skills is developed with the help of stories and events from real life. Each life skill has sufficient practice material to help children develop that particular life skill. The life skills included in this book are:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Self motivation
  3. Disease prevention
  4. Planning
  5. Healthy life style choices
  6. Concern for others
  7. Healthy choices
  8. keeping record
  9. Goals setting
  10. Wise use of resources

This social studies book also incorporates civic skills recommended by numerous international curriculums. Again, each civic skill is developed through activities and worksheet provided at the end of the chapter. The civic skills included in this social studies syllabus book are:

  1. Finding reasons..
  2. Setting goals..
  3. Finding strength and weakness
  4. Making schedule
  5. Making poster
  6. Mapping
  7. Comparing
  8. Making timelines

The contents  come from interesting stories from our home and environment. The content included in this book are age appropriate, relevant and interesting for children of this age.

Content of the Book