ORIENTATION WORKSHOP, 23 December 2016, Sargodha

Orientation Program

ORIENTATION WORKSHOP, 23 December 2016, Sargodha

An Orientation Program session was conducted by Mr Fahim Naqvi at Dawan Grammar School. In this session the International standards of Montessori and primary were discussed. Teachers were briefed about the curriculum, syllabus, and teaching methods that make students more confident, creative and successful in life. This workshop organized and planned by East area sales coordinator  Mr.Kifayat.

East is a Parent Company CMT & ELE as well as providers of Training Orientation Program. These are for Schools as a body or individual Teachers who wish to provide an improved educational environment for students. East runs an Online Learning Teachers Training workshop which is meant to improve teachers expertise & abilities. It covers the useful teaching methods. The teachers gain many ways to help children understand. This short course covers the most recent ways a teacher can guide children towards Language Development, Mathematical Learning, and Thinking.

Orientation Program:

Language Development

This in its self is a very huge area of learning so only a skilled teacher can help, with this in mind we have many teacher Orientation Program to assist them in giving an enhanced, improved education in all areas of language.

Mathematical Learning

This is hands-on learning of numbers shapes {flat & solid}. Children learn the true V R W of numerology.Value of any number, Recognition of any number, & Writing of any number. As a result a child sees “Real Items” so he can relate to in his life. So for that purpose we give a hand on and practical approach to children, e.g.cylinder means nothing to a young child but give him a crayon, can, battery, {with a jingle about the shape}

“Cylinder Cylinder roll it roll it roll it roll it Cylinder Top & bottom Top & bottom Cylinder Cylinder“Due to the fact that the child has a jingle {Rhymes & Repetition} this is a sure way to remember the shape.Four Areas of Language {for Online Learning}Furthermore, trainees learn the best ways to develop all four areas of Language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. They find the most natural ways of teaching children in a gradual manner.


This is taught by the introduce of sound to put it in other words, children are exposed to a variety of everyday sounds to heighten, not only but also fine tune their ears to Phonics. In other words, they are able to separate the sound of “V” for vest from “W” for west. This is in the same way as a person who is accustomed to the opera can enjoy & appreciate the show, in contrast to the person who has no ear for such since he is not fine-tuned.


There is a great wealth of teaching resources, which are available such as stories as well as rhymes & poems. Children love repetition for the simple reason that it strengthens their verbal skills.


Reading itself is a passage towards language development. Pictures mean words {symbols} until the child can read words leading on to simple short sentences.


This is the final stage in Language Development, letter formation in hollow letters leads to free hand writing. Teachers identify common means of teaching children in an easy to hard manner, which helps guide children stage by stage. This is such a new clear & easy way of learning. Children actually enjoy this method & are eager to learn more without them knowing that they are actually learning!

The training is led by the most skilled and knowledgeable master trainers of EAST. The workshop is exclusively designed by the EAST research department for teachers. It includes the basic and foundation approaches to teaching and learning, designed to enhance teachers’ knowledge and skills. All Training Workshops help improve teacher’s skills & abilities. These short courses cover the most detailed, & studied practices. These researched teaching approaches are identical to the International Standards. The teachers learn how to boost children’s initial skills of early learning, which is the most important platform a teacher builds for her students. This training is the most up to date way to enrich children’s language, mathematical, & critical thinking.

Therefore, for this reason EAST research department continually tailors either training programmed based on International Standards, for Schools collectively, or individual Teachers conducted at Schools in person or on Skype for on-screen learning for teachers. It includes clear-cut methods to teaching and learning. This is the first and the most important online learning Orientation Program that PRE primary and Montessori teachers must attend.

Insha Allah after the end of these courses you can effectively implement Classroom Management Skills, which is a module in our CMT course. East is a forerunner when it comes to Education not to mention the fact that we conduct training digitally as well as physically, at the end of the sessions refreshments are served & a certificate is awarded to all candidates with our seal EAST, as well as our seal of approval to the Teachers or Schools who are eager to be the change we want to see in Education.

Four areas of language (for Orientation Program)

Participants learn the best ways to develop all four areas of language: Listening, speaking, reading and writing. They know the natural ways of teaching children to step by step. With the help of online learning  methods workshop teacher take children through an easy to difficult approach of learning. The workshop is conducted by the most professional and experienced master trainers of EAST. The workshop is exclusively designed by the EAST research department for online learning for teachers. It includes the basic and foundation approaches to teaching and learning.

This is the first and the most important online learning workshop that PRE primary and Montessori teachers must attend. You will be able to able the contents of this workshop in your classroom immediately, Insha Allah.

Orientation Program includes the demonstration by EAST master trainer, followed by practice sessions. Refreshments are served at the end of the workshop. Each participant receives a valuable certificate with the seal of EAST. This certificate is respected all over Pakistan.

Workshop on Friday, 23 December 2016

Time: 09:00 am to 12:00 pm

Venue: Dawan Grammar School, 26 Block, Sargodha 

Conductor:  Fahim Naqvi

Orientation Program

Orientation Program

Orientation Program

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