Montessori Diploma Course | GRADUATION CEREMONY |

Montessori Diploma Course

Montessori Diploma Course | GRADUATION CEREMONY |

EAST runs a Montessori Diploma Course known as CMT, which stands for Child Centered Montessori, which is one of the Topmost Educational Research Institutes of Pakistan. We proudly announce, the Graduation Ceremony of our latest batch of highly skillful Teachers, who are bent on to be the change in Education which they learned during their course. Due to this training teacher now have confident, which unfortunately many teacher lack in schools in our society This in turn produces the confidence many teachers lack in schools in our society.

Confident Teachers

This Child-Centred Montessori Training Course has made each trainee confident in herself as well as giving her a positivity which is reflected in their teaching, grooming them to achieve and enhance their hidden capability and educate children. Child-Centred Montessori Training (CMT) course aims to create a variety of teaching skills in teachers and mothers. This course has been made up of International Methods of Research on Education and Skill Development.

What is CMT? Why Is It Different?

CMT course is different from other Montessori Courses, because it makes you  more aware of Education which is up to the mark and similar to the International Methods’ of delivering an enriched educational experience to her students.

Our trainees get a high level of confidence which helps them overcome difficulties on daily basis.

CMT is different on the whole as it is always bringing about a continual change according to Educational needs, we have to understand that teaching is an active field and therefore latest research is a lifeline to Educationalists. Our girls are trained with techniques that actually develop a child’s life long thinking and brainstorming skills through critical observation, analyze & conclusion. We train them about the basics to the advanced skills which are needed to help build their students character & personality. A child’s 80% personality is developed by the age of six, and teachers, through these latest research based methods, improve their long-term memorization and creativity skill.

Identify & Award.

CMT also exposes teachers to reality and the practical approach to life which she further gives to her children. Our teachers have successfully completed the program and are now set to step in & finally ready to make the change they wish to see in Education. Our CMT teachers will now walk into Schools with a positive vision to make a change for the betterment of Education in Pakistan. These girls have given their best abilities to promote awareness to Society under our flagship East, therefore it is with the greatest pleasure that we are holding a Graduation Ceremony whereby we recognize and award them with a Diploma.

Therefore, to sum up the benefits of CMT:-

CMT gives Teachers:-

Confidence to change teaching Today for Tomorrow

Management Skills to solve problems and Motivate children towards learning.

Techniques based on latest skill development which no other Montessori Training Course offers.

CMT gives Teachers:-

Coordination Skills be a Team Player in any Schools

Manners in focusing on the behavior.

Technology Skills to help make yearly, monthly, weekly, daily & hourly planning easy using Digital system.

So why don’t you try out a  Montessori Diploma Course, where we are now also offering an English Language Development Course, which is a part of CMT. This is for Teachers, Mothers or Individuals who want to improve their skills Today for Tomorrow so what have you to lose!!!!

Come and see for yourself

Meet others with the same goals to help

Teach children.

Date: 13th May 2018

Venue: Lasania Restaurant, Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi

Educational Assessment System and Training (Montessori Diploma Course)-EAST

  • Announcement of the Graduated Students

Montessori Diploma Course

Graduated Students Montessori Diploma Course

Montessori Diploma Course

Montessori Diploma Course

Montessori Diploma Course

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