One book is covering one theme in the whole year like class five themes is “Khas Lamhay” what is the logic behind this?

Quran is the ultimate source of guidance. It is revealed to show the right path to human beings of every age and region. Quran helps humans learn about Islam directly from Allah. There is no need to use our own lectures or ideas to bring people closer to Allah. Teach children how to understand the message of Quran directly. That will be the best way to educate them about Islam, the natural way. It’s the way selected by Allah’s Prophet to tell people about Islam.

EAST syllabus is the explanation (tafseer) of selected Surah’s of Quran. Each book explains one Surah in detail at children’s level. For example, class 4 book is the explanation of surah Ala, and the class five book is the explanation of Sura Ala.

By understanding the message of a Surah, children learn to read and understand Quran independently. It makes them a lifelong student of Quran. That way they learn to understand Islam directly from its true source ‐ the Quran.

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