DELP: Daily E Learning Plan

Introduction to DELP

Daily E-Learning Plan (DELP) is an email sent to grade six students on daily basis. It includes all the subjects, topics, homework and projects that children have to do that day.

Daily E-Learning Plan (DELP) is complete syllabus for class sixth. It covers all the subjects: English, Urdu, Math, Social Studies and Islamiat. All the periods (blocks) of grade six for one full day are covered in a DELP. There’s only one BIG difference between DELP and the current method of teaching. DELP is based on world’s best educational materials, videos, images, and activities.

For each topic of every subject, our experts select the best content from hundreds of educational websites of the world and make it a part of DELP.

DELP includes links to these carefully selected contents. For each link we also provide the classroom activity that students have to do after going through that content. This activity can be in a form of questions or worksheet.

A homework assignment is also provided with each link. This assignment covers independent review of the day’s work that children can do without any tutor at home. No internet or computer access is need for homework assignment.

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Benefits to Students

  1. Use of laptop, tablets and internet makes learning exciting.
  1. Students can view a lecture or a video as many times as they like
  1. DELP teaches though simulations, educational games and interactive materials. That increase the understanding of concepts.

Benefits to School

  1. DELP covers National curriculum of Pakistan as well as international standards. That’s why it makes your students more confident and knowledgeable.
  1. Topics are learned through interesting pictures, activities, videos and diagrams. Texts are colorful and interesting. That motivates children towards learning.
  1. DELP connects children to the world’s best educational resources and organizations. It helps in increasing the awareness level of students.
  1. With the help of DELP, students mostly do self-study. This makes them more independent.

Benefits to Parents

  1. No need to spend money on expensive books/syllabus. Everything a child has to learn in provided on-line through internet
  1. DELP materials are clearly explained through many different methods. Children understand everything clearly. That’s why there is no need for tutor at a home.
  1. Without paying lots of money in school fees your child gets the best education of the world.

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How it works (Step by Step)

  1. Every morning students open their email account. This can be done independently on a laptop or tablet. A teacher may open this email on a class computer as well
  2. Student read the first topic they have to cover that day.
  3. Then they open the link provided in the DELP and study that topic online.
  4. After doing their study online students do the classwork provided in DELP email around that topic.
  5. Then they note down the homework around the content they have just covered and discuss how it will be done.
  6. Students move to the next topic in DELP..

Sample DELP




What do you need to start?

  1. Arrange for the following materials in your school
    • Computer with 17-inch LCD
    • Two speakers
    • WiFi broadband or EVO Wingle/Nitro
    • UPS (optional)
    • You may ask students to bring their own tablets or laptops
  2. Fill out the DELP registration form provided below
  3. Start using DELP