Child Centered Montessori Training | Graduation Ceremony

Child Centered Montessori Training

Child Centered Montessori Training | Graduation Ceremony

EAST, Pakistan’s Leading Educational Research Institute, Is Having a Graduation Ceremony of the Immensely Skilled and Remarkably Confident Teachers

Child Centered Montessori Training Course has helped Teacher Realize Their Hidden Potential And Educate Children Through International Methods. 

Variety of Teaching

Child Centered Montessori Training (CMT) course aims to create a variety of teaching skills in teachers and mothers. This course has been composed of internationally acclaimed methods of research on education and skill development.

CMT course helps women attain the immense level of confidence which helps them tackle difficult hurdles on the daily basis. They are trained with techniques that effectively develop a child’s thinking and brainstorming skill. A child’s 80% personality is developed by the age of six, and teachers, through these methods, improve their long-term memorization and creativity skill. CMT also exposes teachers to reality and the practical
approach to life which she further imparts to her children.

The teachers have successfully completed the program and are now prepared to step in the field and finally create a change in the minds of children. A graduation ceremony is an event where we recognize and award them with a diploma.

Date: 14th October 2017

Venue: Usmania Restaurant, Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi

Educational Assessment System and Training (EAST)


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