EAST Montessori & Primary Curriculum

EAST is an educational research and development organization engaged in the development of teaching & learning resources

EAST is an educational research and development organization engaged in the development of teaching & learning resources.

Our main area of focus is Early Childhood (Montessori) and Basic (Primary) Education.


EAST develops syllabus books, teacher’s training, and many other resource materials to make sure that children develop their educational competencies at international standards.

Our course books meet Common Core international standards as well as the British National Curriculum.

Another salient feature of EAST curriculum is the Muslim values. The teaching of Quran and Sunnah are incorporated in our content in a sublime manner, helping children understand the beauty of Islam.

Our content developers are constantly engaged in incorporating world’s latest research into EAST resources. Our training department has introduced a number of unique ideas to make teachers training possible for teachers living in the most remote region of the country.


EAST has offices strategically located in the major urban centers of the country. These offices provide support and training to schools through academic monitoring, resourcing and training.

Our R&D Department

EAST has country’s most experienced and reputable R& D department with experts from all areas of education and curriculum development. The team headed by Mr. Rayed Afzal, the leading educationist of Pakistan. The department includes language, ECE, and basic education experts. It also includes experts of assessments, learning aids, and educational planning. A world-class design studio is also part of R&D department. We develop layouts and use pictures taken by our team of photographers.

Our Training Department

EAST has a team of highly motivated and professional master trainers located in the major cities of Pakistan. These master trainers bring with them years of teaching and learning experience. Our master trainers develop their training systems in coordination with our R&D department. That’s why the teaching methods introduced to teachers are always aligned with the EAST books and resources. The department has developed unique training modes to make training accessible for the whole country. The training conducted in clusters, in-school, and online (Skype) for client schools. Complete video recordings of all the books are also available in USB or memory card format, making it possible for teachers to view training on their computers, mobile phones or tablets from the comfort of their home. Training manuals for each book are also available on our website or in printed format.