A two full day workshop, covering essential of School Management

Practical, to the point, action oriented training that gets you going from the minute you join the workshop. Every bit of knowledge you acquire develops you and your institution. There are no theories, paperwork or lectures. It either goes into the head, heart or the muscle. Pure and simple!

Who should attend?

School owners, principals, vice principal, coordinators and administrators.



To learn the holistic management style, required to lead a school in 21 century.

What is required?

A smart phone or tablet, Unconventional thinking.


  1. Five Websites that every school must visit frequently.
  2. Five mobile apps that a school principal have in his or her cell phone.
  3. Five language crafts that every principal must know how to write.
  4. Five life skills that make you a better human being.
  5. Five management tools that increase your productivity.

The Workshop Leader

Rayed Afzal is the chairperson of EAST. Over the years he has authored more than one hundred materials, including: stories, essays, poems, dramas, and autobiographies for pre and primary school going children. He introduced eleven writing crafts, activities around 34 life skills (The Four H Model), and competency based education in Pakistan. He is author of The Balance: The elements and equilibrium of human personality. He led the development of DELP, an e-learning plan for elementary school going children of Pakistan. He has worked as an educational consultant to the World Bank, The British Council, and The Government of Pakistan. He is the first researcher to introduce ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management (TQM) methods at school level in Pakistan. Under his management EAST provides provides curriculum support to hundred of formal and non-formal schools, NGO’s and donor agencies all over the country. He is also a practicing psychological counselor, yoga instructor and behavior modifier.