To help every school going child get quality education, which is accepted, effective, and sustainable.


To help every school going child get quality education, which is accepted, effective, and sustainable.


To develop syllabus with related training's and allied products that can help school to provide quality education.

EAST Profile

  • Developed complete ECE (Early childhood Education) program for Pakistani schools according to the international standards. The program includes syllabus (based on Pakistani culture) teachers training and monitoring system,
  • Established modern ECE program in 800 schools all across Pakistan,
  • Offer teachers training thru video conferencing, conducting over one hundred sessions in last ninety days directly to school in remote areas,
  • Provide consultancy and training to Beacon House School System for the establishment  of The Educators,
  • In collaboration with Dr. John Morevec, University of Minnesota the futuristic education in Pakistan . This system in based on innovation. Students learn to do innovation of valuable ideas, products and services after doing research. Besides the State of Minnesota and the Ministry of Education of China. We are the only organization in the world with this educational technology,
  • Over hundred hours of children’s education materials and teachers training have been produced at our in- house video recording facility,
  • Introduced ECE in Baluchistan on behalf of the World Bank. Training hundred of teachers and developed effective teaching learning aids for this purpose,
  • Development educational standards/ competencies (learning  outcomes ) for the northern areas of Pakistan on behalf of the British Council,
  • Improved educational standards education of Pakistan Air Force Montessori Schools though two years of continuous training and consultancy,
  • Developed Urdu Literacy program that can teach a person how to read newspaper and write a letter in just three months (90 days),
  • Made 160,000 people literate in last seven years,
  • Helped a number of industries achieve 100% literacy. Studies show that production and quality in a factory improved once 100% literacy was achieved,
  • Provided consultancy to NCHD (National Commission for Human Development) for the establishment of literacy program in 40 districts of the country,
  • Developed one year primary program. Through this program an absolutely illiterate person can complete primary education in just one year,
  • Providing consultancy to 250 one year primary schools all across rural Sindh. These schools are established in 10 remote districts of the province where they are run in barns, sheds and farmhouses,



Eight offices in all our provinces (four in Punjab: Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot and Multan).

Provided consultancy to:

Nazaria Pakistan Trust, UNICEF, Rotary International, APTMA, Sind Education Foundation, Punjab Education Foundation, Stepping Stone Montessori, Abu Dhabi,UAE, The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF).